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It's silly that there isn't an easier way to send an email to people when there's an article you see on the web that you like. Sure, lots of sites have an "Email this article" link on every page, but it's annoying to have to type one's email address and the address of the person you want to send the article to. No aliases, nicknames, group lists, etc. Silly. And otherwise, it take TWO cut and pastes to get both the URL and the title and excerpt from the article. Sure you could cut and paste the entire article text, but this seems silly.

Luckily, for the adventuresome, it's easy to add this functionality to your favorite web browser by creating a "bookmarklet".

Just right click and save the following link to your favorites or bookmarks or links toolbar. You'll have to then EDIT the saved URL because you'll want to put the appropriate values in for TO, CC and BCC.

And if you use the YAHOO EMAIL link, you'll need to replace the server number (f415) with your server number. And be aware, this number will change on you from time to time and the bookmarklet will stop working until you fix it.

Email Bookmarklet Version 1: Yahoo

Email Bookmarklet Version 2: Standard mailto:

Make Yahoo Email your default

There is also a way to modify your registry in Windows such that mailto: will open Yahoo mail! Contact me if you're interested...

Update: To make Yahoo mail your default email application, install the application and follow the directions at one of these pages. No more need to modify your registry by yourself!