From zermelo at Date Wed, 9 Apr 2003 5:05 PM Subject Re: Easy way to disable flash in Windows 2000 & XP. I have done some more testing of my disable flash solution and have found it flawed. It causes Windows to attempt (but fail) to reinstall flash nearly every time it runs across flash. So you must include the download sites (, etc.) in the HOSTS file to stop the attempted reinstallation process. So my solution works IF you use the HOSTS file to block the attempts. To reactivate flash just lower the security on "flash.ocx" I have decided not to use my solution. What I am doing instead is setting my Internet Zone security to Disable for "Run ActiveX controls". This causes a box to popup for each flash/activex. This warning says "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly." The only option on the box is to press OK and there is no way to suppress this warning box. It will repeatedly appear for each flash/activex control. To solve the annoying warning box problem, I use a small freeware program rtvreco.exe ( to press the OK button 50ms after its appearance. I find it very annoying that Microsoft doesn't allow me to turn off Flash/ActiveX without these incessant & insuppressible warnings that ActiveX is turned off. The advanced options allow one to turn off Javascript but I don't get a warning dialog. Why is it that flash (and other activex) controls get special warnings? Why is it that the warning can't be turned OFF? John "Annoyed" Mehlberg.


From "Zermelo at HirschfeldGalleries.BIZ" Date Tue, 8 Apr 2003 1:32 PM Subject Easy way to disable flash in Windows 2000 & XP. Here is an easier way to disable flash in Windows 2000 & XP: 1) Do a file search for "flash.ocx" 2) In the search results page, right click on each "flash.ocx" or "swflash.ocx" file found in a Windows subdirectory. 3) Select Properties from the right-click menu. 4) Click on the Security tab. 5) You will see persissions checkboxes. For Permissions check the "Deny Full Control" box (all of the other boxes will check themselves.). 6) Then click OK. Now flash is installed but not working because you have denied Windows permission to read, write or execute it. It will not work, be replaced or modified until you uncheck the all of the "Deny Permissions" boxes. To re-enable flash, just do a search for "flash.ocx" and uncheck all of the "Deny Permissions" boxes. This has been tested on Windows 2000 (should work the same on XP) using IE with administrative control. I have not had the opportunity to try it on Win98 or WinME or using other web browsers or using lesser control. Would you want me to get back to you with results from other browser/OS combinations? I think this is a little better than the delete flash & then use HOSTS to block redownload because you only have to deal with one file -- the flash file itself. This solution is much better than a 3rd party software install to block flash because you don't have to worry about software conflicts, etc. Sincerely, John Mehlberg